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X.Base is a democratized publishing platform. Our members publish their own Profiles, News, Events, Products and Services, and then benefit from guaranteed media coverage in our front page news feeds. Membership is open to everyone and is charged only at the cost of providing the service.

X.Base is independently owned and motivated purely by a desire to keep information freely available. Information published on X.Base about People, Organisations, News, Events, Products and Services emerges directly from the source of truth. We excercise no editorial bias in determining whether news is relevant or not. Our members speak for themselves, about the topics in which they are professionally engaged, so that you can stay informed about the topics you are passionate about.

At X.Base we believe that having access to a range of information is imperative to formulating one's own opinions, therefore access to information is necessary for Social Sustainability. We believe that the process of marketing can be delivered fairly, without exploitation, by allowing people to choose when they want to receive marketing information, and by focussing on specific industry verticals in which they are genuinely interested, rather than using cross-adertising to subversively manipulate behaviour.

X.Base aims to store the information that our members publish on our website for perpetuity. Our members contribute membership fees while they are actively publishing information on our website. When they no longer need to promote new activities, we continue to publish their historic information even after they cease paying, keeping it available for generations to come.

As a members-based platform, we derive economic sustainability from our members' fees. Revenues are reinvested, so that we can continue to improve the quality of service that we deliver to our members.

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X.Base launched in 2007 as an art database called Artabase hosted at In 2015 we rebranded to X.Base and began expanding our network to include the following:

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Eco.Base is owned and operated by X.Base Pty Ltd, a privately-owned and operated Australian Registered Company, founded in 2006. We are committed to achieving the three pillars of Economic, Environmental and Social sustainability in our company operations.

That which is not sustainable can not last, by its very nature.
~ Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon. Founder, X.Base.